@AshBash13 on instagram by Fernando Sedano

So I actually met this beautiful individual on instagram, her name on there is @ashbash13. After looking through her instagram and seeing all the cool things she is doing with makeup i decided to ask her to shoot, i also think that we have a friend in common kind of helped there, after her agreeing to shoot with me i met her in person at Animate Miami 2015 and omg she was even more beautiful in person... and so was the makeup job she did. So im now glad to call this beautiful creature my friend and here is what we shot together. Please go ahead and leave any constructive criticism you might have.

Color grading and color correction by Fernando Sedano

So lately I've been shooting in the cinemastyle in my Canon T4i to get a flat grayish image. It has worked many wonders for sharpness, especially in post production. Even though it takes me 3x as long to finish a video due to it I would highly recommend it. So recently I have been trying many different styles so I can come out with a short film and get that nice film look for everyone. Now with all of this comes the color grading and color correction that i have to do to the film or edit. Untill today i didnt know how to fix this weird whiteness in the sky and now that ive figured it out with a few luma curves im happy to announce that i will soon have a short film out.  So here is the last video i did with that whiteness that i didnt know how to fix! 


Comic book & cosplay mania - Cosplay Music Video


Megacon!!! by Fernando Sedano

since I've had such a high volume of people asking me if I'm going to megacon this is me officially stating yes i am going to megacon and yes i am making a video but I'm not doing any photo shoots. why you ask? due to scheduling so much at last years megacon i didn't get to enjoy the actual con. this year I'm doing things a bit different I'm not doing photoshoots and I'm not scheduling any video shoots either it will all be by chance of seeing me or if you are a patron on my patreon (http://www.patreon.com/FDSedanoArts) i will meet up with you , now how to try and find me. if i decide to just sit somewhere i will notify people on twitter of my where a bouts if i decide to stay there for 15 to 20 minutes. i hope to see you all there and i hope I'm able to get you guys on video as always don't forget to subscribe to FDSedanoArts on youtube. thank you for taking your time to read this love all of you, see you at megacon if you go!!!

Ryann as Krista Lenz from Attack on Titan (SnK) by Fernando Sedano

So this is a shoot i did with someone i constantly work with, Ryann. i love her look and when she came to me with the idea of taking pics of a sexy krista from AoT i couldnt say no. so here it is tell me what you think of the photos. 

Megacon 2015 Prices go up, Florida Cosplayers outraged by Fernando Sedano

Now bare with me because my sentences run on and I'm not exactly good at punctuation but this needs to be addressed.


Cosplayers are very distraught at the sight of the price for Megacon 2015. Megacon 3 day wristband pass is $83 and so many talented cosplayers are saying that they arent going due to the price increase. Megacon 2015 looks like its going to be lacking talent this year. Of course there will still be people that go like they do every year and there will be lots of young kids that love the big cons, but for me as a photographer and videographer i go there to show of peoples talents in making their cosplays and how awesome they look in it. So hearing the news that most of my talented cosplay friends are not going really makes me not want to go. 

So im guessing Megacon has forgotten that the people who go to these conventions arent always adults making good money, but struggling collage students and people in highschool are huge at any convention. Now the question is can we get megacon to lower prices?

Why do Photographers ask to be credited by Fernando Sedano

Okay so lately I have seen so many Models and Cosplayers being interviewed and people just generally sharing their pictures on various websites with no credit to the photographer. I understand the main reason you are looking at that picture is because of the person in it or the way it makes you feel, but for many photographers its a business, even if its just a hobby. To give you an example you see an amazing picture or video and you say man I want something like that when I take pictures or do a video then you find out that the person behind the camera isn't to far away and that you can work with them, awesome right? but if no credit was given, the person doesn't know where to find the cameraman and then goes on to giving business to someone else or hobby wise not shooting a project the person behind the camera wants to shoot. 

Recently a friend of mine brought me on to this interview that was done and my pictures were used. i wouldn't have minded but I got no credit, no link to where to find me or anything and lets admit it we are becoming lazier as a human race and sometimes we don't want to go looking for something but if the link is right there we go to it.

The other day i read an article on someones blog about how they were allowed access back stage to help a photographer for a fashion show. She took the picture of a famous model and sent it to her with her links and everything needed to give credit. After the model posted it to her instagram and said she loved the pic but left out crediting the photographer. Now the picture was in a ton of sites and even some magazines but no recognition was given to the photographer which could have led to these magazines paying her for the image and websites too. Which she is trying to fight for now and yet she has people telling her its not her image.

So please if you're a model a cosplayer or anything having to do with photographers please give them the credit they deserve you never know where its going to get them. 

Marvel vs DC photoshoot and BBQ by Fernando Sedano

So this Sunday April 27, 2014 i had set up a Marvel VS DC photoshoot and Barbecue to gather some friends, cosplayers and anyone who wanted to join for some fun times. Im still in the process of editing the video but i did get some nice pictures of some people. So to everyone that went thank you for the fun times.