Chibi Pa Infinity 2013 / by Fernando Sedano

so this weekend i ended up going to Chibi Pa and i have to say it was the best con i ever been too even though it wasn't the biggest con ever it was so much fun and almost every con goer i know went. I was so happy with my cosplay family. i made so many new friends and some from Jacksonville, FL (Amanda, Devin, Darren). i made a cosplay music video which you can check out here Chibi Pa 2013 - Cosplay Music Video not only that i took pics which you can find on my FDSedanoArts FB Page. I also did a few photo shoots which you'll see on the FB Page as well. lastly i took a new amazing friend Natasha to dinner. now if you ever decide to go to this con you'll have more fun when you're older because they throw lots of adult fun panels and events and the parties are crazy i literally slept about 5 hours this weekend so i hope you guys like reading this.