Megacon 2015 Prices go up, Florida Cosplayers outraged / by Fernando Sedano

Now bare with me because my sentences run on and I'm not exactly good at punctuation but this needs to be addressed.


Cosplayers are very distraught at the sight of the price for Megacon 2015. Megacon 3 day wristband pass is $83 and so many talented cosplayers are saying that they arent going due to the price increase. Megacon 2015 looks like its going to be lacking talent this year. Of course there will still be people that go like they do every year and there will be lots of young kids that love the big cons, but for me as a photographer and videographer i go there to show of peoples talents in making their cosplays and how awesome they look in it. So hearing the news that most of my talented cosplay friends are not going really makes me not want to go. 

So im guessing Megacon has forgotten that the people who go to these conventions arent always adults making good money, but struggling collage students and people in highschool are huge at any convention. Now the question is can we get megacon to lower prices?