Harley Quinn in Wynwood Miami, FL / by Fernando Sedano

So on March 9, 2014 i got to shoot with Harley's Love Shack this shoot was so much fun apart from having to go back and getting my light stands that i forgot, me and Harley's Love Shack went to the wynwood art district to take photos by graffiti and other cool murals around the walls of the area. While there we saw a lot of people shooting also but none in cosplay, so of course she got all the weird looks, but handled it like a champ lol she would make funny faces, wave, and even say hi to the people. After a while in the amazingly hot weather we finally finished driving from place to place wall to wall to get these amazing results. This girl is awesome i cant wait to work with her more in the future also one of these photos will be a print you can but signed by the amazingly talented Harley's Love Shack.