Megacon 2014 / by Fernando Sedano

So Megacon was amazing and disappointing at the same time lol. Let me start with beginning to end for the convention. Friday, After the 4 hour drive to Orlando I jumped out of the car and went straight into the con knowing there would be long lines, as I came in good old Jonathan Sanchez (a friend/fan) came to the rescue, he was a volunteer and walked me past all the lines straight to the front so all i had to do was get my wristband and not wait in line. After getting my wristband the first person I got to talk to of my friends was L.A. from iM Photography who was waiting on one of cosplayers in line to do a photo shoot with, so after a bit of chatting i recorded a few people in the horrible inside lighting for my cosplay music video and continued on to meet the wonderful Kristen Hughey (for anyone wondering she is super nice and i actually got to talk to her for a bit) as for the rest of Friday i had many cancelled photo shoots which was pretty upsetting. Saturday, this was the most upsetting day of all after meeting up with Kristen Hughey and getting her on video for the cosplay music video I helped her get through the overwhelming crowd of people that were at Megacon, it was so full of people that tickets were sold out, i didnt mind so many people what i minded was the fact that it was literally like being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic moving 1 inch per minute, as for cell reception in the new location was horrible. So many cancellations on my photo shoots. Other than being able to talk to and walk Kristen Hughey to her booth from her panel/ take a selfie with her Saturday was not my day. Sunday, all I have to say is Sunday was so amazing to me I got the most video done then i was happy with it.