Why do Photographers ask to be credited / by Fernando Sedano

Okay so lately I have seen so many Models and Cosplayers being interviewed and people just generally sharing their pictures on various websites with no credit to the photographer. I understand the main reason you are looking at that picture is because of the person in it or the way it makes you feel, but for many photographers its a business, even if its just a hobby. To give you an example you see an amazing picture or video and you say man I want something like that when I take pictures or do a video then you find out that the person behind the camera isn't to far away and that you can work with them, awesome right? but if no credit was given, the person doesn't know where to find the cameraman and then goes on to giving business to someone else or hobby wise not shooting a project the person behind the camera wants to shoot. 

Recently a friend of mine brought me on to this interview that was done and my pictures were used. i wouldn't have minded but I got no credit, no link to where to find me or anything and lets admit it we are becoming lazier as a human race and sometimes we don't want to go looking for something but if the link is right there we go to it.

The other day i read an article on someones blog about how they were allowed access back stage to help a photographer for a fashion show. She took the picture of a famous model and sent it to her with her links and everything needed to give credit. After the model posted it to her instagram and said she loved the pic but left out crediting the photographer. Now the picture was in a ton of sites and even some magazines but no recognition was given to the photographer which could have led to these magazines paying her for the image and websites too. Which she is trying to fight for now and yet she has people telling her its not her image.

So please if you're a model a cosplayer or anything having to do with photographers please give them the credit they deserve you never know where its going to get them.