Megacon!!! / by Fernando Sedano

since I've had such a high volume of people asking me if I'm going to megacon this is me officially stating yes i am going to megacon and yes i am making a video but I'm not doing any photo shoots. why you ask? due to scheduling so much at last years megacon i didn't get to enjoy the actual con. this year I'm doing things a bit different I'm not doing photoshoots and I'm not scheduling any video shoots either it will all be by chance of seeing me or if you are a patron on my patreon ( i will meet up with you , now how to try and find me. if i decide to just sit somewhere i will notify people on twitter of my where a bouts if i decide to stay there for 15 to 20 minutes. i hope to see you all there and i hope I'm able to get you guys on video as always don't forget to subscribe to FDSedanoArts on youtube. thank you for taking your time to read this love all of you, see you at megacon if you go!!!