Color grading and color correction / by Fernando Sedano

So lately I've been shooting in the cinemastyle in my Canon T4i to get a flat grayish image. It has worked many wonders for sharpness, especially in post production. Even though it takes me 3x as long to finish a video due to it I would highly recommend it. So recently I have been trying many different styles so I can come out with a short film and get that nice film look for everyone. Now with all of this comes the color grading and color correction that i have to do to the film or edit. Untill today i didnt know how to fix this weird whiteness in the sky and now that ive figured it out with a few luma curves im happy to announce that i will soon have a short film out.  So here is the last video i did with that whiteness that i didnt know how to fix! 


Comic book & cosplay mania - Cosplay Music Video